Important Message to Our Customers

Dear Customer:

Our Full-Service Location is Back in Business!

As many of you know, our express car wash at 107 Danbury Road, New Milford, opposite the Home Depot, has remained in uninterrupted operation since the outbreak of the C-19 pandemic.

We are now excited to announce that our full-service car wash, located at 84 Park Lane Rd., New Milford, closed for the past two months, will be back in business, beginning May 20.  We look forward to seeing you and to cleaning your car.

As part of the reopening process and until further notice, we are offering our customers the following three promotions.

Covid-19 Precautions

Here is what we are doing to keep our customers and staff safe when you visit:

  • Customers will exit the car at which time Royal employees with sanitize the surfaces and touchpoints in the car before our personnel begins to vacuum.
  • All Royal personnel will wear gloves and masks for your safety and theirs.
  • Customers are required to wear masks.
  • The floor will be marked so that proper distances can be maintained while waiting to pay.
  • We ask that, if possible, that you use your credit card or reactivate your Unlimited Membership to pay.  We would like to limit cash transactions at this time.
  • Employees will use fresh towels on each car and sanitize their gloves between cleanings.
  • All customer touch-points, surfaces, equipment, tools and regularly used items will be sanitized throughout the day.

Monthly Unlimited Car Wash Program

Whether you patronize our full-service location or our express wash, please consider enrolling in our unlimited car wash program, where for the price of a fixed monthly fee, you are entitled to wash your car as many times each month as you wish.


As a special promotion, if you sign up as a new member, after the first six months, the seventh month will be without charge.  Please talk to the Royal employee at the cash register about the various levels of service available to monthly unlimited car wash customers.


RTU Interior Sanitizer Disinfectant Cleaning (available at 84 Park Lane Road)

Simoniz offers a product that it represents will effectively sanitize car interiors against numerous virus and bacteria and is “effective against…Human Coronavirus.”  Application of this product, includes running it through the car’s duct system, all interior surfaces, including headliner, requires a ten-minute wait time.

We are offering this service for only $25.00.  We are aware of car washes that are charging more than $100.00 for the exact same service.


Express Detailing/RTU Promotion (available at 84 Park Lane Road)

If you decide to treat your car’s interior with RTU and to have it undergo an express detailing, we will offer our express detailing service, normally $50.00, for only $40.00.

Again, welcome back and thank you.



Royal Car Wash and Royal Express Car Wash are both located in New Milford, CT. We’re committed to serving New Milford and surrounding communities.
We offer an array of car wash and detailing options.

Join our unlimited monthly car wash plan for a range of service levels.

Starting at $19.99 a month!

Wash your car everyday for less than 70¢!

 Our full service car wash is located at 84 Park Lane Road, New Milford. Here customers wait in a waiting room while our employees vacuum your car, take it through a tunnel for a complete wash, hand towel dry your car, and leave it waiting for you to drive away, and, as a lower cost option. Offering full service car wash, unlimited monthly plans & detailing services.

Monday – Saturday 8AM – 6PM
Sunday 8AM – 4PM

Our Express car wash is located at 107 Danbury Road Road, New Milford. This is a faster and generally lower-cost express service, where the customer stays in the car during the washing process and emerges from the tunnel with the option of vacuuming his or her car for no additional cost. Offering express car wash & express unlimited car wash services.

Everyday 7AM – 8PM


84 Park Lane Road, New Milford


107 Danbury Road, New Milford